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The uniqueness of the history of creation and development of our health resort is that three months after the order to establish the sanatorium, inheriting from the former regional police department two rooms (modern building №1 and № 2, which was then one-story) sanatorium began its work, On March 17, 1970, the staff of the sanatorium received the first patients.
At that time, the health resort was designed for 70 beds, there were only 3 doctors, 9 nurses, 17 junior and household staff.


From the first days of the sanatorium there were peculiar conditions when the management and staff, performing the main work of providing medical and preventive care to patients, performed important and necessary work to expand the medical and diagnostic base, construction of new buildings, ancillary facilities, landscaping.
As we now know, all this stretched for many, many years, the sanatorium was built, modernized, as well as the resort of Khmilnyk, as a result, today, we stand next to the famous Tskhaltubo, Bilokurikha and even Baden-Baden.


Already in 1973 the sanatorium put into operation a dormitory building (current building №5), completed the first reconstruction of the medical-diagnostic department, introduced methods, offices, medical-diagnostic equipment in accordance with the specialization of the sanatorium for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems.
In those years, the problem of feeding patients was extremely acute due to the lack of adequate facilities, which was built (club-dining room for 300 people) and put into operation in early 1975.
In 1977, new offices for autogenic training and laser therapy were opened, the second floor of building №2 was completed, and buildings №1 and №2 were connected by a passage. The number of beds in these buildings has increased significantly. Since then, the main credo has been passed on to employees: no matter where you work, you should create appropriate conditions for living, eating, treating and resting patients. Probably since then, our employees have a habit of decorating and organizing their workplace.

In the summer of 1988, another dormitory building (№3) was built, with an extension for the pharmacy, other offices and a transition to the №2 building, so that all three buildings were conveniently combined. The appearance of the territory of the sanatorium, its buildings, constructions has changed, the aesthetic design of residential buildings has improved. Despite the difficulties of functioning in the new socio - economic conditions of management, while other sanatoriums simply survived, the management of the sanatorium took a course to constantly strengthen the material - technical and medical - diagnostic base of the sanatorium. , underwater traction basin.
In the boiler house for heating mineral - radon and fresh water, heaters were replaced with more modern and economical ones, filters were installed for boiler water regeneration, as well as for fresh water purification.
The territory of the health resort was planned, put in perfect order and asphalted 4000 sq.m. A large number of greenery was planted, aesthetic fencing was installed around the perimeter of the territory on the right half of the river.

In 1998, the G5 building was reconstructed for the second time, which began to meet all the latest requirements and is a decoration of the health resort.

In 2000-2001, new offices of ozokerite - paraffin treatment, speleotherapy, a pump room of mineral waters, a room of hydrocolonotherapy were opened. At this time, for the first time we managed to equip each room with a TV. The reorganization of the sanatorium into a medical rehabilitation center in early 2001 gave us new financial leverage, opened new prospects, but also placed a new burden of responsibility on the head. It was necessary to introduce new methods, methods of treatment and diagnosis, to maintain equipment, equipment, to purchase new ones.

In 2002, a colon therapy unit was purchased.

In 2004, the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Southern Bug River was completed, which allowed us to boldly develop another 4.2 hectares of our territory - this is still our dream and our future.

In 2015, an ultrasound diagnostics room was equipped and opened, Yarilo and Yarovit devices with the necessary equipment for treatment were purchased, and a cardiomonitoring device (holter) was purchased.

In 2006, a group of doctors of the medical center together with scientists from the Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology conducted painstaking scientific work to study the action of mineral radon water well №603-e, which resulted in a balneological conclusion on the medicinal properties and feasibility of its use.

In 2006, a dental unit "Diplomat - Lux BL-250", a portable electrocardiograph "Hart Screen", a UHF device - 60 were purchased.

In 2007 the following were introduced:

  • methods of treatment of low temperatures (cryosauna);
  • method of treatment with personal combined low-frequency thermal stimulator Nuga Best;
  • the laboratory has mastered the method of conducting research with a biochemical analyzer - semi-automatic.

In 2007 an infrared sauna was purchased and installed.

In 2008, the long-term MRC development program was successfully implemented, equipment was replaced, offices and nursing posts were repaired. The hall of the administrative building, the main entrance and the railing, the floor and the ceiling of the dining room were repaired and re-equipped. A fountain has been installed on the territory, paths have been repaired and re-equipped. New methods of treatment have been introduced - ozone therapy, pressure therapy, shock wave therapy. Offices were allocated and equipped, and appropriate specialists were trained.

In 2009, a lot of work was done on landscaping, replacement of water supply networks, replacement of window and door units. Three new offices have been opened - a horizontal extension of the spine, a new speleotherapy room (salt grotto), an office of dry carbon dioxide baths.

In 2010 similar repairs of other rooms, offices, a water supply network, the territory were carried out. The method of oxygen - singlet therapy is entered. Purchased inhalers, balneological bath "Typhoon" with the installation of an underwater shower - massage.
Here is a list of equipment purchased in 2011: "EHF ND", "OZONE UM - 80", paraffin heater, "Radius", "Milta", "Dimar", ergometer for kinesitherapy.

In 2012, work was completed to provide the MRC with drinking water from its own artesian well and the commissioning of an additional radon water well for medical purposes. Work on repairing dining halls has been completed, a new type of food has been introduced - a buffet. Necessary equipment and kitchen utensils were purchased.
During the summer, work was carried out on shore protection, improvement of the river bank in the park and beach area.
Work on insulation of the third dormitory has been completed.
To improve living conditions, air conditioners or split systems, TVs, refrigerators were installed, 26 safes were installed in living rooms, and professional washing machines were purchased.

In the summer of 2015, new equipment for the physiotherapy room was purchased and installed, such as ultrasound therapy device, Radarmed microwave therapy device, balneological bath, hand bath, electric foot massagers. In connection with the purchase of a new ultrasound diagnostic device 4 Prosound a -ma sensors made it possible to conduct brachiocephalic ultrasound examination of blood vessels, ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, ultrasound examination of large joints.

In 2013, the balneological department was overhauled with equipment replacement. Purchased and installed 3 Geyser baths, balneological, the only one in Ukraine - ozone-radon bath, 4 ozone-hydrotherapy devices "Ozonomatic".

From September 2016 to January 2021, the center included a department of rehabilitation and rehabilitation № 2 in the village of Sataniv, Khmelnytsky region. The main medicinal value is mineral

water Zbruchanskaya "Naftusya". There are comfortable rooms for comfortable rest and a cozy dining room with delicious dishes.

For more than 15 years, the Southern Bug Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has been receiving the first degree of accreditation, and specialists of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine have been evaluating all aspects of the institution's multifaceted activities. This is an assessment of the work of each team member. Compliance with accreditation standards is achieved through the hard work of everyone and this compliance is possible where everyone cares about the common cause.

In 2022 a modern complex of hydrokinesiotherapy will be put into operation, which includes a therapeutic swimming pool equipped with innovative hydropathic equipment which has no analogues in Ukraine, namely: underwater paravertebral jet massage and spine fixation system, underwater circular hydromassage system. manual drive for patients with disabilities, countercurrent set, geyser set for foot massage, set of waterfall "Cobra", hydromassage set. The ground floor also has medical equipment: a Vichy shower, a light water shower and a room for patients with disabilities. On the second floor there are halls for physical therapy with installed simulators for the development of the spine, upper and lower extremities and treatment rooms, namely: laser therapy room, pressure therapy and vacuum massage room, massage room, room for psychocorrection and psychorelaxation, psychorelaxation, psychorelaxation Rejoice chair, ozone therapy room is equipped with a hyperbaric oxygenation room, shock wave therapy room with a powerful device with a program for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, male reproductive system and aesthetic medicine.


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